I write for outlets like CBC, the Toronto Star, and University Affairs magazine. My specialties lie in health and science journalism and travel and culture writing. I also enjoy writing about career development and interiors.

In the past, I’ve interned and freelanced at a number of publications including The International New York Times, Where Toronto, The Toronto Standard, and the Collective Quarterly. You can find a selection of my written work below.

Career & Personal Finance

What you need to know about the future of the gig economy
Terms you may be using that offend women at work
Basic ways to help protect your personal data online
These are the most common happiness traps at work – and how to get out of them
9 podcasts to help you reach your 2019 career goals
Expert tips for tackling your income taxes
Why Canadians find saving so hard — and how to get better at it ASAP

The Toronto Star

How I got caught up in the booming business of #bossbabe entrepreneurship

The Financial Diet

The cover letter template that helped me land 3 job offers within 6 months of graduating

Health and Science
University Affairs

Could the Montreal Neuro herald a paradigm shift in scientific research?
Telescope upgrade makes the universe that much brighter for York community
Mini-satellite competition gives students a hands-on learning opportunity in space
The Genome Foundry ushers Canada into the era of automated genetic engineering


Do you procrastinate because you can’t manage your emotions?
The benefits and risks of intermittent fasting
The crucial pre and post-workout steps you shouldn’t ignore
7 Ways drinking alcohol can affect your fitness goals


The Leading Edge: CIFAR is keeping Canada at the forefront of AI
What would it take for AI to achieve consciousness
Graham Taylor champions AI innovation & entrepreneurship
Plant protective mechanism could lead to improved solar technology
Q & A- Adrian Owen’s Into the Gray Zone
Forgetting Can Make You Smarter
Proof for a Psychedelic State of Mind
The Career Cost of Being a Single Woman
Magnetic Stimulation Boosts Memory

Medill News Service

5 things you didn’t know about donating your body to science
NU scientists urge feds to require sex info in animal cell studies
Scientists show how bacteria escape antibiotics
FDA ignored health risks of antibiotics in animal feed new report contends
Big Pharma holds fate of voluntary antibiotic regulations for livestock

Arts, Culture & Food
The Collective Quarterly

Beneath One Roof: An Artistic Couple Builds a Dwelling for their Unbound Creativity

Toronto Standard

What is Canadian Cuisine Anyway?
Does the Decay of Toronto’s Former Architectural Gems Predict Condoland’s Future?
Exploring Toronto’s Sewers
Behind the Scenes at the AGO’s Conservation Department
Why Aren’t There More Elite Female Bartenders in Toronto?

Where Toronto

Amazing Day Trips from Toronto: Prince Edward County
Big Things are on Display at the ROM
10 Venues That Shaped Toronto’s Live Music Scene
Free Stuff to do in Toronto: 26 Amazing Activities that will Cost You $0
Vintage Stores in Toronto: 10 Shops with Unique Finds
Things to do with Kids in Toronto: 21 Children-Friendly Attractions