I’m a journalist and communications specialist with a background in advertising client services. My expertise spans science journalism, documentary production, branded content, media relations and corporate communication.

As a journalist and producer, I’ve freelanced for outlets like CBC, the Toronto Star, and University Affairs and worked on documentaries for Discovery US and The Nature of Things.

Client-side I’ve worked on events and campaigns, written short and long-form health and science articles, marketing collateral, ad copy, one-pagers, press releases, president’s messages and donor reports, as well as created web content and managed newsletters at the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research — a largely government-funded research institute charged with leading the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy.

Agency side I’ve worked as a producer on documentary-style branded content for brands such as Scotiabank and Bayer HealthCare, interviewing internal staff, consolidating their expert knowledge and crafting compelling stories for external audiences.

My eclectic background features a Master’s in Journalism from Northwestern University in Chicago, a Marketing Management Certificate from George Brown College and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Cinema Studies from the University of Toronto. It’s the perfect broad base for approaching any story.


For publications, broadcast and brands.
Expertise in medical and science writing, travel, culture, career and interiors.

Research & Interviewing (Health & Science specialization)
Story Editing / Paper Editing
Producing (audio, podcast, video)
Digital Production
– Content Strategy
– Content Production
– Audience Engagement, Social Media Strategy & Community Management
– Newsletters
Coordinating (Production & Post Production)
Basic Graphic Design
Basic Videography
Basic Post Production file conversion & misc. junior editor tasks

PR & Media Relations
Editorial Planning
Content Strategy & Consulting
Project Management
Web Copy (with a focus on SEO and SEM)
Blog Posts
White Papers / E-books

Please email evoinigescu [at] gmail [dot] com for an up-to-date rate card.


I write for outlets like CBC, the Toronto Star, and University Affairs magazine. My specialties lie in health and science journalism and travel and culture writing. I also enjoy writing about career development and interiors.

In the past, I’ve interned and freelanced at a number of publications including The International New York Times, Where Toronto, The Toronto Standard, and the Collective Quarterly. You can find a selection of my written work below.

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In Development TV / Feature Doc

Environmental focus documentary for The Nature of Things (2020)
Role: Research, pre-interviews, treatment writing

Past Work

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes

Full-length Documentary Feature (2018)
Role: Production/post-production coordination, digital production and content strategy, assistant videography and editing, basic graphic design. 

Don’t Blink

Facebook Watch limited series for Discovery (2018)
Role: Research, pre-interviews, production coordination.

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CBC The Doc Project

What Helps Us Through, Audio Documentary (September 2020)

Chosen as part of the spring cohort for the CBC Doc Mentorship Program.

Worked with producer Alison Cook to share the story of my grandparents’ burial plans, which have been in the works for the past 30 years.

This is common in Romania, where they live. In the meantime, my parents, who immigrated to Canada with my brother and me in the early ’90s, don’t even have wills. Through the moments of darkly absurdist humour, familial closeness and catharsis that arise out of these different cultural practices, I explore why their two approaches are so different and how they have made me reconsider how I think, talk and feel about death.

Role:  Reporting, writing, editing.

Just Work It

Podcast Episode (January  2020)
For The Atkison Foundation’s Just Work It platform for podcasts and live events about decent work by and for millennials.  Series 3, Episode 2: Lighting Up the Economy

Employment is up. Wages are down. Most people have fewer choices and chances. It doesn’t add up. Some people are throwing their hands in the air because they don’t believe the economic system can change. Others are simply throwing shade on it. We’re drawn to people who are taking action today to generate more opportunities and wealth for whole communities in the future, not just a few individuals. Democracy Collaborative’s Ted Howard throws light on what it takes to design an economy that benefits everyone.

Role:  script consultation, recording narration, editing & mixing.

Beyond the Woods

Podcast series (2019-2020)
There’s something magical about working at Muskoka Woods. It’s hard to explain sometimes but we’re going to try with our new podcast, Out of the Woods. Hear from your favourite staff and coworkers from Muskoka Woods as they share how being pushed outside their comfort zone helped them propel in work today and how by using their talents, real lives were impacted.

A podcast from the folks at Muskoka Woods where alumni, staff and coworkers share how being pushed outside their comfort zone helped them propel in work today and how by using their talents, real lives were impacted.

Role:  Associate Producer.

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