In Development TV / Feature Doc

Environmental focus documentary for The Nature of Things (2020)
Role: Research, pre-interviews, treatment writing

Past Work

The Woman Who Loves Giraffes

Full-length Documentary Feature (2018)
Role: Production/post-production coordination, digital production and content strategy, assistant videography and editing, basic graphic design. 

Don’t Blink

Facebook Watch limited series for Discovery (2018)
Role: Research, pre-interviews, production coordination.

Video Content Consulting

Client: Canadian Institute for Advanced Research
Role: Developing a strategic planning framework, surveying marketplace, competition and styles to emulate, developing a preliminary list of production and animation vendors from which to solicit RFPs with a view to down-road production management

In Development TV doc

1 hr. TV documentary with a psychology/neuroscience focus (2018/2019)
Role: Research, pre-interviews.

Behind the Scenes at McMaster Live Lab

Short Doc (May 2016)
Role: Client-side production management.
A look behind the scenes of the McMaster Live Lab where Professor Laurel Trainor and the Gryphon Trio show us how we study our brain on music.

Bayer HealthCare

Unscripted Branded Videos (October/November 2015)
Role: Pre-production, research, pre-interviews, on-set interviews and story editing / paper edit. Coordination of legal approvals.
Videos available upon request

1) Patient Story:  The role of radiology in one patient’s breast cancer journey.
2) The story of Bayer’s leadership and innovation in the radiology field told by a variety of Bayer employees.
3) The story of Bayer’s dedication to training and education for radiation professionals around the world.

Scotiabank Portraits of Canada’s 5th Season

Unscripted Branded Videos (October 2015)
Role: Pre-production, research, pre-interviews and story editing / paper edit
1) Three generations of a devoted BC hockey family find their quality time on the rink.
2) Saskatoon school kids get their first chance to hit the ice, with the help of an NHL legend.
3) A mother puts her dreams on hold when her daughter trades figure skates for a ref’s whistle.

HSBC Premier Canada’s Knowledge Economy

Unscripted Branded Video (September 2015)
Role: Pre-production: research, pre-interviews, on set interviews, and story editing/paper edit.
Biotechnology is one of the sectors driving Canada’s knowledge-based economy.

Angels to Guard You

Short Documentary (August 2014)
Role: Master’s Thesis project. Co-produced, shot, written and edited with Anne Evans.
A childhood victim of sexual and domestic abuse, Darren Steele grew up to found an organization dedicated to escorting victims of domestic violence to court so that they can face their perpetrators without fear. This is the story of that organization, Domestic Violence Protection Services, and Linda, one of the women Darren is helping.


The Chicago School of Violin Making

Short documentary (March 2014)
Role: Produced, shot & edited.
The Chicago School of Violin Making, located in Skokie, Ill., offers a three-year program in violin making and repair. The school was founded in 1975 and is the largest violin making school in the country with 29 full-time students. This is the story of some of those students and why they chose to pursue instrument making as a career.

You Are Not What You Eat

30-minute News Magazine Program (August 2014)
Role: Research, reporting, writing, hosting and production
This episode of Medill Newsmakers,”You are not what you eat: Is fat as bad as we thought?” takes an in-depth look at the key role the oft-maligned macro-nutrient fat plays in a healthy diet.

Illinois Raw Milk Sales Policy

News magazine piece (February 2014)
Role: Reporting, shooting, editing
The Illinois Department of Public Health is in the process of updating the state’s regulations on the sale of raw (unpasteurized) milk. One raw milk farmer speaks out against the change.

Barn Hunt Debuts at Chicago IKC Dog Show 2014

News magazine piece (March 2014)
Role: Reporting, shooting, editing
Barn Hunt, a new dog sport started in April, 2013 had its Chicago debut in March at the International Kennel Club dog show.