Bargaining for the common good

Event podcast (December 2018)
AMAPCEO & the Broadbent Institute Present – Bargaining for the Common with Mary Cathryn Ricker

How are union activists building power in Trump’s America? Are there insights for Ontario labour and community activists today?

On December 4, 2018, Mary Cathryn Ricker of the American Federation of Teachers shared her pioneering work on centering community demands in union bargaining and building power for both unions and greater communities in times of crisis. Her address was followed by a sit down chat with journalist Elamin Abdelmahmoud.
Role: recording, narration script, editing.

Des Coulam’s Paris Sounds

Audio profile (December 2014)
For Des Coulam, a sound archivist living in Paris, thinking about sound is second nature — so much so, that when he ended up in the hospital, worn down by decades of working in international business, he grabbed his recorder to capture the sounds of his stay in the intensive care unit. These were the sounds of the moment that made him decide to quit business and pursue his life’s passion: sound.
Role: research, interviews, recording, editing.

Custom Tech Part of E-Cigarette Lifestyle

News feature(May 2014)
Chicago’s ban on indoor use of e-cigarettes is part of a slew of municipal, state and federal rules for using these devices. Regulators still don’t know a lot about long-term health risks posed by inhaling or “vaping” e-liquids, but some health-conscious users in Chicago are already sold on the e-cigarette lifestyle.
Photo: Lauri Rantala

Gardens and Chickens and Goats, Oh, My!

Audio postcard (June 2014)
Chicago city planners are selling off vacant lots in some city neighbourhoods for $1 a piece, hoping this will help revitalize the communities by letting residents expand their yards and start community gardens. More space is welcomed by some residents of East Garfield Park, who are already taking urban agriculture to the next level raising chickens, goats and even pigs.
Photo: Eva Voinigescu.

Vera Eliashevsky on Crimea Annexation

Non-narrated (April 2014)
Vera Eliashevsky is the Chair of the Chicago-Kyiv Sister Cities Committee. She spoke about her personal connection to Kyiv and her thoughts on Russia’s involvement in the country.
Photo: Sasha Maksymenko/Flickr, License

Open Auditions for Star Wars VII come to Chicago

News spot (November 2013)
Chicago held open auditions for the next instalment of the Star Wars. Those hoping for the lead male and female roles lined up for hours and shared their best impressions of classic characters.